Received 1,000 Linden Dollars From StuffPoint

Linden Dollars is a very important item in Second Life. It's the virtual currency that powers the virtual economy of the virtual universe that we call Second Life.

Earn Real Money In Second Life (Cashed Out $151.88 USD Via VirWoX)

I cashed out $151.88 USD from Second Life via VirWoX. As you can see, earning real money in Second Life is true and you don't even have to invest anything except maybe your time.

VirWoX Referral Fees Payment, 7,256 L$ Commission Received

I received my biggest VirWoX Referral Fee Payment for a single month. The amount of 7,256 L$ was added into my account in VirWoX.

Up And Down With

Unfortunately, the first month turned out badly because's servers went down hard. It took them days before they could restore everything back to normal.

Animes I'm Currently Watching And Following This Winter 2012

This winter of 2012 has some interesting and fun animes to watch. See what I'm currently watching and following. If you like then you can also watch them too.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Second Life Marketplace - Millenium Falcon

Second Life Marketplace, an awesome Millenium Falcon that's more than worth the price.

Second Life Marketplace - Millenium Falcon

Sometime ago, I was looking for various Star Wars related items in Second Life Marketplace to use as a prop for a video. One of the items that I found was this awesome Millenium Falcon.

So, what makes this Millenium Falcon awesome? As you can see, it looks amazing, it looks like the real Millenium Falcon and best of all it's FREE.

The listed creator of this awesome Millenium Falcon is Aley Arai and you will find it listed for FREE at Second Life Marketplace.

The Second Life Marketplace link to this awesome Millenium Falcon is in the description of the video.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Second Life Marketplace Item Flagged - St. Patrick's Day Themed 7Seas Custom Fishing Rod

One of my Second Life Marketplace Item was flagged by the community and it was utter non-sense.

Second Life Marketplace Item Flagged - St. Patrick's Day Themed 7Seas Custom Fishing Rod

Today, I received an e-mail from Second Life informing me that one of my Second Life Marketplace Item was flagged and was eventually de-listed.

The item in question was a 7Seas Custom Fishing Rod and it was flagged as Listing Not Flagged As Moderate - Reference to Alcohol. What???

How can a St. Patrick's Day themed 7Seas Custom Fishing Rod make a reference to alcohol? It's a freaking fishing rod. It's used for fishing and not drinking alcohol.

Seriously, I don't get it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

VirWox Affiliate Payment Received, Earn Linden Dollars With VirWox, Become An Affiliate

One way of earning Linden Dollars in Second Life is by becoming an Affiliate and you can easily do that by joining VirWox, a third-party linden dollar exchange.

Recently, VirWox sent me 902 L$ as payment or commission for referring other Second Life residents to VirWox. Of course, the Second Life residents that I refer must purchase Linden Dollars from VirWox for me to get a commission.

Now, if you are Second Life resident and you don't know what or who VirWox is then you are in luck because I'm going to tell you right now. LOL! Simply stated, VirWox is a third party Linden Dollar Exchange authorized by Linden Lab to sell Linden Dollars to Second Life Residents.

As a VirWox Affiliate, you will get a small commission whenever your referred Second Life residents make a Linden Dollar purchase.

So, if you are a Second Life Resident who is also looking for an easy way to earn some Linden Dollars then why not join VirWox and become an Affiliate. You can start by referring your Second Life friends and make some money or Linden Dollars off of them.

The link to join VirWox is in the description of the video below or you can simply click here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

7Seas Fall Fishing Festival 2014, Fell Out Of The Water

7Seas Fall Fishing Festival 2014, I guess I fell out of the water this year because I was not invited to participate.

7Seas Fall Fishing Festival 2014, Second Life Fishing Event

7Seas Fishing Game is my most favorite fishing game in Second Life. Sure, there are others but this is the first one that I really enjoyed and loved doing in Second Life.

I love 7Seas Fishing so much that I used to spend almost all my time fishing and creating custom items for my 7Seas Fishing Area. In fact, I am one of the first people in the 7Seas community who created lots of custom items for 7Seas.

Unfortunately, that was a few years ago and I don't think anyone in the 7Seas fishing community even remembers me now as a fisher nor even a 7Seas Custom Creator. As they say, out of sight is also out of mind and I guess it's somewhat true since I'm not really active in Second Life anymore.

I still visit Second Life, though, but only when I have a new place to check out, an event to attend or when I'm paying my monthly land rent but, even though, I was no longer that active in Second Life, 7Seas has never forgotten to invite me to participate in their events like the Fishieversary and the Fall Fishing Festival until recently.

Yes, I wasn't invited and it sucked because it made me feel somewhat sad. I also don't know why I was not invited when they always do in past years.

Anyway, the event has been over for more than a month now and I'm not that sad nor disappointed as before. I guess, I can forget about getting invited to next year's 7Seas Fishieversay. LOL.

Okay so, for those of you who are reading this post, you too can enjoy great fishing by simply joining Second Life. Don't worry, it's free. So, Join Second Life now.

Second Life Tutorial - Creating A Free Second Life Account

Second Life Tutorial, the first thing you need to do to get started is  create a free Second Life.

To create a free Second Life account, you must go to the official website of Second Life.

At Second Life's homepage, click on the orange colored Play For Free button. This will take you to the Avatar Selection page.

At the Avatar Selection page, you can choose from 3 groups of avatar and these are People, Vampires and Classic.

Choose the Avatar you like and click on the Choose This Avatar button. Clicking the button will take you to the next page where you will name your Avatar.

Type your desired Avatar's name and click on the Check Availability button. If the name is available then the button will change into an orange colored Next Step button. Click it to move on to the next section.

The next section or page is where you'll set your e-mail address, date of birth, password, security question and security answer.

After providing all the required information, click on the orange colored Create Account button to create your free Second Life account.

The next section or page after creating your account will ask you to choose between a Free account and a Premium account. Choose the Free Account by clicking the orange colored Select button under it.

Now, your free Second Life account is created and it's activated as well. Your new avatar is now waiting for you in Second Life but before, you can meet him, you must download and install the Second Life client first.

Here is how; Click on the orange colored Download & Install Second Life button to start downloading the Second Life client. After downloading, install it, run it, login to your account and start exploring the virtual world of Second Life.

Now you know how to create a new account and avatar in Second Life. If you wish to learn more about Second Life or if you want to create another account then here is the link to Join Second Life.

Monday, December 15, 2014

WrestleSeries 6 By VWE, A Second Life Wrestling Event, Kieran Darkwatch Versus Vince212 EasterWood

WrestleSeries 6 is a Professional Wrestling Event in Second Life and it's presented by VWE, Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.

Second Life Wrestling, VWE WrestlerSeries 6, Kieran Darkwatch vs Vince212 Easterwood

As a virtual world, Second Life is simply awesome because it will allow you to do almost anything you like and that includes being a Professional Wrestler.

Professional Wrestling in Second Life is real, it's darn real and you can become one if you truly want to. Real life physical attributes don't matter. The only thing that matter is your willingness and drive to learn.

Anyway, I was recently at a Second Life Wrestling even and it was called WrestleSeries 6. It was presented by VWE which is just one of the few professional wrestling companies or promotions in Second Life.

I only stayed and watched for a couple of hours and, in those couple of hours, I got to watch a couple of matches.

The first match that I watched was a match between Kieran Darkwatch and Vince212 Easterwood. Overall, the match was fun to watch specially when both of them are lagging. LOL.

The only thing that I didn't like is the finish. Maxine Darkwatch interfered and her interference made Vince212 Easterwood lost the match.

Anyway, instead of telling you guys what happened in the match. Why not just watch it for yourselves by watching the video below.

Now, if you're interested in watching LIVE then you'll need to create a free Second Life account and go to where the event is held inworld.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Akaesha Designs, 7 Year Anniversary Gift

Akaesha Designs, 7 Year Anniversary Gift has a few good things for you.

Akaesha Designs, 7 Year Anniversary Gift

Recently, I received a group gift from Akaesha Designs in Second Life. It was called Akaesha Designs 7 Year Anniversary Gift and it contained 3 objects, 1 landmark and 1 notecard.

The three objects were a ReACT Lite Makeout Pillow (Lets Make Out), an Akaesha Lifestyle Magazine November 2014 and an Akaesha's Store Card (L$500) (wear me).

My favorite item in the gift is the Store Card because it gave me 500 linden dollars worth of store credit for Akaesha Designs.

My only problem now is what to buy in Akaesha Designs.

Anyway, if you are in Second Life and you want to received group gifts from Akaesha Designs then all you have to do is join its group.

You will find Akaesha Designs in Second Life at this URL,